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Type of Articles: Research Paper, Survey Paper, Informative Article, Case Studies, Review Papers, Comparative Studies, Dissertation Chapters, Research Proposals or Synopsis, M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis

Accepted Language: Indonesian, Arabic, English

Journal Islamic Education (IQ) invites you to submit the paper via Online Submission System or through E-mail at or Make sure that submitted manuscript should not have been submitted or published previously anywhere else for publication. It is strictly advised to submit original and plagiarism free articles only for possible consideration, else they will be rejected without any response. All received manuscripts will go through Double Blind Peer Review and final decision shall be based on the high level of quality, originality and additional contribution to the existing knowledge. Very Important: Once your article is submitted to Journal Islamic Education (IQ), you cannot submit / present this paper anywhere else, unless your article is Rejected. Neither this paper will be withdrawn nor will be presentable in any other journal / conference / magazine or any media without the permission of the Journal Islamic Education (IQ).

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Authors are not charged any fee for Article Submission, Peer Review Processing or Publication of article and Publication e-Certificate. But, If the article is accepted for Publication then, Authors do have to pay nominal Processing Charge includes Publication of one entire research paper in Online, Individual Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Number to every article, Individual e-Certificate to all authors of paper, Indexing process, Editorial Fee, Maintenance of Website, Link resolvers and journal infrastructures etc to assure 100 percent online availability of all the published articles, for Lifetime (Unless published article is removed for some strong reason).

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  • Direct Link to Published Article
  • Lowest Processing Charge
  • Author Retains Copyright
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  • 100 % Electronic Submissions
  • Author can search Article by Author Name, Title or Keywords
  • Fast Publication Process
  • Double Blind Peer Review Score Card
  • Indexing of each Published Article in Databases
  • 100 % Online Availability assured
  • Digitally Signed e-Certificates to all authors
  • Global Open Access Availability



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